11 Ye Yun lecturing how to break the career bottleneck
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"No. N kinds of crises" of Yun Ye, following December 13, 2009 at the Auditorium Weilun Building Tsinghua University to do "post-crisis era employment and entrepreneurship" seminar, after hot, will be April 11, 2010 3 PM point-to-5 Point in the Plaza de Tiantongyuan 5 layer paper tiger dragon culture and leisure MALL talk on "how to break the bottleneck in your career." Yun Ye, known as "workplace perpetual motion machine", age unknown. Many practitioners are set out, the market circle eighth set, containing fourteen foreign companies, the novel system of the current workplace, the workplace qualifications of the most complex, most who studied under occupation. Has experienced Media, corporate communications, marketing, public relations, strategic cooperation and channel marketing experience. Youth dream of doing literary youth, who in the machinery spare time, to the TV series had drama, pure literary journal "Zhong Shan" Last sent a novella, but also a consolation prize prose Bing had been inattentive.