The maximum purchase high-end talent in Xiamen 80 million grant
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Xiamen Municipal Personnel Bureau yesterday officially announced the "creative talents Xiamen housing preferences" (hereinafter the "Rules"), Xiamen, innovation and entrepreneurship will be buyers of talent in the buildings, rental housing and funds to provide subsidies, which The maximum purchase high-end talent in the House is expected to be 80 million grant. It is reported that the incentives provided to solve the housing problems of the main mode of human resources including the purchase of personnel housing, housing subsidies and to enjoy to enjoy the subsidy. Apply for the purchase of housing or to enjoy the talents purchase (rental) housing subsidies, only qualified personnel One can choose to apply for the enjoyment of a privilege and not repeat the experience. "Approach" provides enterprises with annual output value of the Xiamen municipal districts reach a certain size or a certain amount of tax (according to the applications by the designated assessment scale, amount), may apply for a maximum of 20 units of housing that people Personal marked for purchase, to address R & D personnel and senior management personnel and other housing issues. "Approach" of economic subsidies to the original introduction of talent housing subsidies, and increased allowances, housing subsidies 300 places a year to subsidize the standard three levels, the first-level personnel subsidies 80 million, the second level of subsidy 48 Million, the third level of subsidies to 32 million, ended the 100. Personnel with a valid purchase contract or real estate license to apply to the allocation of subsidies, Xiamen Municipal Personnel Bureau, the first payment of 25% of the total amount (20 million first-level personnel, the first Second-level personnel 12 million, 8 million third-level personnel), the balance in 5 years, respectively, per person per month at the first level, 1 million, the second level of 6,000 yuan per person per month, the third level per person per month paid 4,000 yuan, Xiamen City Personnel Unity Council in June each year and in November the release time. "Approach" to the original policy of employee leasing rental housing subsidies, and increased allowances, rent subsidies for 300 places each year to subsidize the standards are divided into three levels, namely, the first level of subsidy of 2,000 yuan per person per month, the second Level of subsidy of 1,200 yuan per person per month, the third level of 600 yuan per person per month subsidy, quota of 100 people. Subsidies for a maximum period of 60 months. Talent rental for 6 months or more, with a valid rental contract apply to the Xiamen Municipal Personnel Bureau Please allocated subsidies, Xiamen Municipal Personnel Bureau uniform distribution each year in November. Personnel to purchase homes under 5 years of termination of personnel in buildings business, work, housing personnel may not be listed by the purchase transaction, and the original price by the Xiamen city government and to consider factors such as depreciation and repurchase price level. Housing to buy talent talent 5 years less than 10 years to terminate business in Xiamen, work, and the purchase of housing can be traded talent, but according to the original purchase price and then in the corresponding section listing the social security guide price of housing 40% of the difference paid to the Government land Such as price to earnings, the Government may give priority to repurchase. After the purchase of housing personnel, personnel living in Xiamen for 10 years of work, property for sale, the Government does not collect land value increment. "Approach" put forward various options in the convenient transportation, beautiful environment, a fully furnished place, careful planning, the first phase of the 200 sets of human resources development and construction of housing, then according to the actual needs of human resources development and construction, adequate protection of human Only the number of housing availability, quality and surrounding environment, transportation, life. Before the new houses built in the Xiamen Municipal Leading Group personnel as part of existing homes will be arranged for housing, began placing, to honor the policy.