The computer / resume of talented person of staff of IT course of study
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Electronic technology | Summer vacation student works | Experience of 0 years of works | Three-year institution of higher learning | Shandong saves Jinan

[The full name is examined after landing] (male 20 years old)

Give unripe date: 1987-11-10
Marriage: Maiden
Citizenship: China
Registered permanent residence: Shandong province
Political appearance:

Ego is evaluated / professional target
Ego evaluation:
Assiduous and academic, steady deal with concrete matters relating to work, have good group collaboration mind; Skilled and electric automation is relevant and professional skill, have strong interest to the knowledge of the computer, electric field, can accept new knowledge very quickly, self-study, start work capability is strong.
Intent of to apply for a job
Pursue a trade now: Electronic technology
Working experience: Experience of 0 years of works
Expectation pay: RMB1200 of the monthly pay before duty yuan
Expectation pursues a trade: The computer
Electronic technology
Finance (bank, venture fund)
Building / design / decorate
Media / publish
Expectation job property: Full-time
Abroad job experiences: Did not pursue a profession now: Electron / electric equipment / semiconductor / communication kind
Show position level: Student
At present pay: Monthly pay of the RMB before duty 1000 the following yuan
Expectation pursues a profession: The computer / personnel of IT course of study
Electron / electric equipment / semiconductor / communication kind
Electric engineer
The client serves kind
Mechanical professional
Expectation work area: Jinan

Working experience
Working unit: The name is made public to the member only, please [land]

January 2007 - now
Summer vacation student works workplace: Qingdao

Educational setting
In September 2006 - in July 2008 Yantai profession institute
Electronic information kind Shandong of three-year institution of higher learning visits Yantai town

Foreign language / dialectal
Chinese mandarin: Mother tongue English: Good Han Yu: General
English grade: Did not attend spoken English level: Skilled

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