Telegraphic / wireless / communication / mobile / engineer talent resume
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The computer | Transmission network engineer | Experience of 4 years of works | Three-year institution of higher learning | Beijing

[The full name is examined after landing] (male 25 years old)

Give unripe date: 1982-10-1
Registered permanent residence: Shandong saves Jinan
Political appearance: Party member

Ego is evaluated / professional target
Ego evaluation:
Experience of work of 4 years of telegraphic operation: 1 year dimension of telegraphic business outfit, 3 time transmit network carry dimension, be familiar with principle of fiber-optic communication system, master application of principle of job of SDH, DWDM and its group net, attend transmission network project and network to optimize for many times. Perfectness China for, the manufacturer light such as bright dispatch, resurgence transmits equipment, adroitness use powermeter, spectrometer, pile up appearance, OTDR, fiber-optic frit to receive the relevant instrument such as machine by accident, skilled operation net provides a system. Familiar communication network moves defend basic concept.
Professional target:
Optical network light transmits communication project
Intent of to apply for a job
Pursue a trade now: The computer
Working experience: Experience of 4 years of works
Expectation pay: Monthly pay of the RMB before duty 1000 the following yuan
Expectation job property: Full-time
Abroad job experiences: Did not pursue a profession now: The computer / personnel of IT course of study
Show position level: Intermediate position (experience of work of two years of above)
Expectation pursues a profession: Telegraphic / wireless / communication / mobile / engineer
Expectation work area: Beijing

Working experience
Working unit: The name is made public to the member only, please [land]
The company describes simply: ChinaCache held water 1998, it is provider of China's banner professional CDN service, offer to the client all-around network content distributings quickly solution. Obtain the CDN that believes license yield a ministry to serve a provider as first, at present ChinaCache is in the whole nation 100 many big in the city has nearly 500 node, enclothe net of Chinese telecommunication, China to connect, iron of UniCom of Chinese shift, China, China is connected and each big operation business such as net of Chinese education scientific research. 2007, of company of ChinaCache North America build, make ChinaCache network covered North America and Asia-Pacific area.
Company property: Jointly owned of China and foreign countries (joint-stock. Cooperate)

In December 2007 - now
Workplace of transmission network engineer: The road in bridge of winebibber of area of Beijing rising sun large building of 10 stars family

Working duty and outstanding achievement:
Responsible light transmits project of network of land with certain boundaries of trunk, city, move safeguard. Executive light transmits network network monitoring, function of the network that finish is analysed, undertake to breakdown real time is handled; Adjust business be born according to client demand, finish city land with certain boundaries to transmit deploy.
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