The sale is represented / resume of client manager person with ability
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Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine | Sell a branch | Experience of 4 years of works | Three-year institution of higher learning | Shandong saves Jinan pagoda tree shade

[The full name is examined after landing] (female 30 years old)

Give unripe date: 1978-9-10
Citizenship: China
Registered permanent residence: Shandong province
Political appearance:

Ego is evaluated / professional target
Ego evaluation:
Genuine and honest, honesty is an upright person, sureness works. Be brave in to challenge oneself, bear all sorts of pressure. The medicine that pursues a company all the time from 01 years of graduation sells the work. Disposition humour is optimistic but not flirtatious, the hope can find a job that challenges his
Intent of to apply for a job
Pursue a trade now: Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine
Working experience: Experience of 4 years of works
Expectation pay: RMB2500 of the monthly pay before duty yuan
Expectation pursues a trade: Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine
Other industry
Expectation job property: Full-time
Abroad job experiences: Did not pursue a profession now: Sell kind
Show position level: Intermediate position (experience of work of two years of above)
At present pay: RMB1800 of the monthly pay before duty yuan
Expectation pursues a profession: The sale is represented / client manager
Business affairs is represented / business is extended (BD) manager
Expectation work area: Jinan

Working experience
Working unit: The name is made public to the member only, please [land]
The company describes simply: This company is a joint stock company, 4 the end of the year pass GMP attestation, have many product line, main production treats a heart and vessels kind, secrete make water is calculous kind those who wait for a disease is medium officinal, reach relieve a cough a variety of preparation such as medicines and chemical reagents. Have the new factory building that covers an area of 50 mus to be used at enlarging production.
Company property: Joint stock company
Company dimensions: Person of 200 - 499

In September 2001 - in June 2005
Sell sectional workplace: Jinan urban district

Working duty and outstanding achievement:
Be in charge of a company be in Jinan city (heart and vessels kind, relieve a cough, secrete make water is calculous kind) drug development and client are safeguarded, the development that basically pursues a hospital and clinical safeguard, try hard during this enterprising, coordinate each decision-making finishing task of the company, create beautiful accomplishment.

Leave one's post / relieve guard reason:
Knot legitimate child
Educational setting
In December 2004 - Feburary 2008 Shandong university
Communal managing kind of three-year institution of higher learning

Foreign language / dialectal
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