Researcher talent resume
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Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine | Without | Experience of 0 years of works | Master | Lanzhou of the Gansu Province

[The full name is examined after landing] (male 23 years old)

Give unripe date: 1984-10-2
Marriage: Maiden
Citizenship: China
Registered permanent residence: The Gansu Province
Political appearance:

Ego is evaluated / professional target
Ego evaluation:
Composed and spell able, breadth of mind is open-minded, attentive and serious, hopeful enterprising, responsibility heart is strong
Intent of to apply for a job
Pursue a trade now: Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine
Working experience: Experience of 0 years of works
Expectation pay: RMB3000 of the monthly pay before duty yuan
Expectation pursues a trade: Chemical industry / the sources of energy
Presswork / pack
Biology / pharmacy / health care / medicine
Expectation job property: Full-time
Abroad job experiences: Did not pursue a profession now: In school student kind
Show position level: Student
At present pay: Monthly pay of the RMB before duty 1000 the following yuan
Expectation pursues a profession: Researcher
Expectation work area: Jinan
Wei lane

Working experience
Working unit: The name is made public to the member only, please [land]

January 2007 - now
Without workplace: Without

Educational setting
In September 2006 - in July 2009 northwest Normal University
Chemical kind of Master

Foreign language / dialectal
English: Good
English grade: University English takes an exam 4 class spoken English level: Mother tongue

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