The company grows the manpower resource strategy of each phase
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" case "

A company is an electronic enterprise that grows quickly, manager of department of its manpower resource is perplexed by talent inadequacy all the time; B company is one holds water before long software company, its general manager considers invite applications for a job from long-term development quite talent of high administrative levels, but financial report shows, expenses of salary of the personnel in company totle drilling cost is apparent capital of down to of on the high side has not enough to meet the need. Two enterprises that are in different development phase face the dilemma that manpower resource manages likewise.

" analysis "

The germ that two companies of A, B are faced with manpower resource to run hot water depends on failing the concern that appropriate resolves company growing level and manpower resource strategy. Business development can be divided commonly for initiative period, into long-term, autumn, winter (anabiosis period) wait for 4 phase, the resource that manpower resource strategy should develop level according to differring is decided with company strategy. To A company, before its enter the drive of rapid development, should have talent invite applications for a job, groom and promote to lay in a talent for the rapid development in the future; B company criterion the high spending that just ought not to seek a talented person, and should rely on morely already had a key member personnel and " outside head " the swaddle that spends danger period.

Growing phase
Initiative period
Grow period

(Anabiosis period)

Main problem
The market locates and

Product development
Constituent structure flimsy, talent is in short supply
Communicate not free, bureaucratism, action is sluggish
Manage not to be pooh-poohed or lack new point of growth

The core of manpower resource strategy
Exert the creativity of father and influence
Perfect constituent structure

Efficient talent yields mechanism,
The flexibility of the drive of handler, organization
Talent transition

Concrete step
A, author learns ceaselessly and rise

B, use exterior and intellective resource
A, build good constituent system

The drive of personnel of B, backbone

Of C, talent introduce, groom and promote to a high office

Transfer smoothly of layer of D, management
A, build system of efficient operator firewood reward

B, study organization

C, strengthen interior communicates and communicate

D, staff develops drive
A, cut down the member of persons employed,

The invite applications for a job of qualified personnel of B, new field and groom

Watch: The company is different the manpower resource strategy of growing phase

One, initiative period.

The company is born at market demand. If enterprise author aimed at market demand to develop proper product kimono Wu to satisfy it, the company can grow probably and develop. In the beginning of found, the in-house natural resources such as enterprise governable capital, personnel is very limited, should make full use of existing and in-house resource and exterior resource quicken capital to accumulate a process, the technologist that can invite institute, institution of higher learing for instance undertakes instructor. This one phase, the grows to basically rely on father creativity thought of the enterprise, what the importance of average employee behaves is very not outstanding, because this asks father wants to throw many time and energy already, want to undertake study the administrative ability with raising oneself ceaselessly again. Staff invite applications for a job should develop according to the market and decide, and as far as possible the stuff that invite applications for a job has regular job experience with reducing a company groom cost, employee basically relies on a master to train an apprentice of type " dry middle school " will satisfy the post requirement to intellectual skill.
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