Good business is the most loving what kind of talent
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No matter be 500 strong, China of world 500 still be in the latent capacity that grow enterprise by force, it is open-armed longing forever to outstanding talent, and truly outstanding talent is in shortage condition forever again, really interesting.

So what is a talent, definition of talent of lieutenant general of contemporary canal a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties is 4 kinds. "One " glyph talent, his main characteristic is intellectual face wide, defect is to do not have professional skill. It is next " 1 " glyph talent, have good professional technical ability, but intellectual range is narrow. The 3rd kind is " T " glyph talent, have intellectual bizygomatic breadth, integrated capacity strong, perfectness professional knowledge. This kind of talent once was the popular talent of industry quest. But complication increasingly as social progress, technology, heat of this kind of talent already dropped in temperature considerably, because they cannot carry program,leading sheep of the enterprise below systematic project condition works. Such most suffer enterprise gay to level of the 4th kind of talent should carry and go out: "10 " glyph talent. This kind of talent is main the characteristic is knowledge broad and profound, domain of whatever industry, what all has dabble and perfectness, not only integrated ability is professional and strong, perfectness, the most crucial it is to have extremely strong study capability, very strong innovation capacity. This kind of talent not only have Zhu Geliang strength of character quite, and of the praise highly of father Dr. Qian Xuesen that returns missile of lighten out China " Mahayana talent " shadow. Its are main the feature is to have the capacity that can transplant, whatever course is in 3 to also should change direction completely in the month and master it. A lot of people are being applied for counteract an enterprise impertinent in invite applications for a job emphasized " professional " importance. Actually, the major that learns in the school is the primary level that the master gets the door only, the core of higher education is the careful thinking method that to the student rigorous training gives an effective and powerful innovation ability. Meanwhile, of the person that enterprise correspondence is hired discriminate the overweight that return side " you " the material that can make. For example, applicant of the observation when interview in time the case with urgent, big pressure leaves close, job, whether keep ad cool-headed and sober, when anything crops up not random psychology quality and integrated ability. This is the main reason that large quantities of applicant did not get the enterprise favors.

Although by company take sb on the staff person the thing is far still did not end, blemish of some employee oneself quality bring about insufficient own job. There is company person with ability to groom of course here mechanism lag reason, but some person days are born with is " a muscle " , do not know the thinking method that the job needs, do not be good at learning strange thing, consciousness of innovation of thought stale, lack, return not easy Jiaohua. For example, some people are constrained into war of completely law, pedantic, incommensurate modern trade " hit so that win " requirement. Still the stuff with old job still is not clear about him ought to how " the job " , often issue a query to inscribe in the circumstance that does not have definite idea, do not understand a qualified personnel ought to master the method that the query inscribes, before reflecting a problem namely due oneself opinion consults for the leader. is not the requirement leader that take the branch for the root works for you. Expressional is transition too slow adaptability is too poor, the work that oneself can do just repeats the thing that he has experienced so, consider completely to new thing, new case, new issue to digest without method, take out the specific measure that can operate inside the shortest time. Of this kind of model " one-track mind " certainly will gets enterprise " regard sb with special respect or new views. " somebody claims I am " intellectual " why cannot the predestined relationship find the job, think carefully, according to the intellectual " have knowledge, have professional knowledge, render service to repay kindness the motherland " the definition still has not little space. The expert says, rubbish is the resource of mislay, but in enterprise interior, some employee move hillock to cannot be competent ceaselessly namely a specific work, although oneself cowhide is blown very big. But one practice shows larger than the horse base. Have so-called the employee that has worked in large company, be in charge of one booth the mistake when specific work again and again, the day complains person anger, not only do not understand how to listen attentively to good opinion, return self-willed, self-righteous. This kind " rubbish " what eating what not what of remnant, dry what is no good, taking high pay to take a place. Move him to go namely guard the entrance still does not have physical strength, cook also still do not know well duration, civil member do not know dossier government, it is conceited all the day how preferment, how to gain greater power. Tell from scientific point of view, some rubbish do not have any recycle value really, it is the useless thing that ought to abandon, because of both neither of this kind of thing can melt down cannot fabricating, chemical combination makes new useful material. So " the resource that rubbish is mislay " it is one-sided opposite argument only, what the of great capacity that and rather than puts all allows is apodeictic.
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