Grooming well is to let others listen immediately able!
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In intense market competition, most enterprise realises the competitive in the final analysis of the market is the person's competition, it is the competition of employee quality, realise grooming is to invest an investment with the smallest, the largest return rate. Know to should be thrown, the problem is not to know how to be thrown, toward over there devoted. Face such situation, on the market of all kinds and different groom is the form what kind of?

Orgnaization of adviser of be on sale of international of blue Ge Zhiyang passes survey to discover, a few teachers that had had promoting grooming, the reputation of sale of make use of had a lot of sale in the market groom, such sale grooms explain with coming to what promoted form magnifies undertake, such advantage is mixed in the promotion action in promoting itself to condense sale sale action, because also need to work these two to the job of a person,union rises, the 2nd is opposite namely of a person groom the promotion that can let suffer groomed person to experience ego, but the effect that disadvantage can ignore whole market namely, and the action of enlarge individual. The 3rd is this kind of groomed process what can have an individual is interactive, is not the design skill in wanting tuitional group and market skill, the 4th action does the spot that can make the enterprise experiences a teacher to give lessons so namely atmosphere, mask the inadequacy of sale knowledge. With the misdirect of action of whole to the enterprise sale, make the enterprise discerns in what the theory of sale and market work on arose error and spellbound, cause course of a lot of sale to be maintained by the enterprise such nevertheless, returning some course is to be on classroom, what student learns is lively, when after course ends, after-thought rises feel did not learn the thing with worthy what truly.

Appear socially such phenomenal inadequacy is strange, because our enterprise is too much the ground is striped-pants. And more personnel are by force of the enterprise development needs, undertake study below the boss' incite sb to do sth, what such person often seeks in form is comfortable and those who ignore course is specific content, they won't consider the need with current business, also won't consider the need that oneself admits, consider the time that how overshoots one must learn easily however, such course that is a sale as a result fits the need of these people more, the creation of more is individual skill play in the course because of the sale and dynamic role, between this kind of course, a lot of more contented we live daily the individual in the center lives skill, such course is the salesperson gay that gets a business quite.

Enter together with this, once such course is valued, became a lot of groom the mainstream course that the company is recommended to the utmost and sells, because such course is more, cause compare each other among such a lot of course, mutual Pan is killed, then all sorts of plan items come on stage eagerly, some hitting go out groom the title of handler, what some hitting go out is to groom the title of chief inspector, what more targets point to an enterprise continuously is medium high level, because have a company only in high-level personnel just goes to what open tax accepts outside to groom likely. Then, of the Taiwan of those Hong Kong alleged groom the stage that Great Masters had embark upon a political venture, each is wrapping around luxuriant identity aureola, having a field of gewgaw, try to please the public with claptrap alleged " go to rich " project!
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