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Employee is spent to enterprise satisfaction low much because feel inequitable be caused by, this kind of feeling can bring about a mood low, efficiency drops, generate suspicion to individual future, the talent flows. Make a lot of enterprises headache suffer from is inextricability, make trustful to employee rate instead low, popular feeling of feeling sigh with regret is not ancient, blame unbalance of employee state of mind, do not say sincere letter.

One, a few kinds of expression

Inequitable feeling is contributing the reaction in the comparison with pay from psychological angle, from angle analysis of economy, the action that initiates inequitable feeling can interpret the move of certain benefit. It is the move between employee, the fulfil that be like firewood, rising mechanism is unreasonable; 2 it is the move between employee and enterprise, if cut down labour cost to wait; 3 be interior and exterior the move between, because manage not to be pooh-poohed,be like, or industry difficult position creates company in a difficult position, cause unbalance of enterprise interior policy thereby. Inequitable meeting brings very big negative effect, what produce a mistake to company culture and system is oriented, the enthusiasm of contusion employee, weaken public right, develop illicit counterpoises. Expressional cent is:

1, in-house and unjust: If assess, allocate, rising mechanism is not perfect, the person is treated be more than legal system, regulation changes because of the person.

2, inside and outside is unjust: Internal system is relatively sound, treat equally without discrimination, but game regulation develops at exterior society relative to lag, negligence stuff is primary demand, make employee income and price of market labour force have bigger difference.

3, give get one's own back unjust: Emphasize organization, management and business the effect that other natural resources produces to outstanding achievement place, change an individual to give due profit infirmly.

4, the opportunity is unjust: Grudge fame and position, do not wish to put promise of authority, nominal, the chance that gives employee fair progress is little.

5, regular and unjust: Company viewpoint of value does not accord with objective law, lose contact with reality, as inimical as social ethic even.

Cause employee from this negative reaction is as follows roughly:

1, ego disengagement: Oily conduct oneself in society, light sheathing or bow case is obscure.

2, active revolt: Transmission is inactive neglect one's duty of thought, job, find new job.

3, cater to encourage model: Cater to the atmosphere in using this and regulation, do vested interest gainer.

4, coma tolerance: Ego is depressive, resign oneself to adversity.

2, a few kinds of viewpoints

When relatively inequitable element reachs certain level in relations of production, can restrict the development of productivity. The enterprise in micro-environment also is same. Fair element less or when masking fairness, with respect to the enthusiasm of the cohesive affinity that can drop a business and laborer. Going after fairness is social progress trend. Fair system unbalance can make circumstances change.
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