HR strategy plans
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The historical story widely known that Chu Hanxiang contends for. Chu Jiang Chinese is weak, the martial good actual strength of Hunan group is multiple Yu Han group, the CEO Xiang Yu of Hunan group has 10 thousand husbands not enemy brave, but fell only finally the solemn and stirring ending of a black river cut one's throat. For the moment does not talk about Chu Xiangyu is how show off is reckless courage, firm the celiac for private use, way that does not know choose and employ persons, connect oneself inferior Fan Zengdou allows father to be not gotten, be in with him Han Liubang after the world Luoyang palace fete group for official's word, "Devise clever strategies in, excel a thousand li definitely besides, I am inferior to Zhang Liang; Be apt to uses a talented person, common people of processing country, conciliation, offer complement for army, I am inferior to Xiao He; Lead hundred numerous, battle surelies win, attack take surely, I am inferior to Han Xin. This 3 people, all philtrum hero, be used for me, it is the one's right hand that I gain the world. " the Xiao He here, responsible at that time Chinese the human affairs of the group. The strategic goal that regards him of manpower resource chief inspector as very clear group is " get the world " , and good the world, first requirement should have a talented person namely, had so " Xiao He chases after Han Xin month " story, the market inspector general that can lead 1 million powerful army, march fight Han Xin is solicited Chinese the group is subordinate. What condole weirs is, this Han Xin is the employee of at hand of Hunan group Xiang Yu however so, the pen that this god that true it may be said is strategy of natural resources of power of successful use choose and employ persons comes to.

Why be HR strategy?

HR strategy is to point to the analysis of external environment inside company foundation, define the development direction of company future and goal, the angle that manages from manpower resource at the same time, undertake analyse and be comparatived to company strategy and the capacity that expand target place to need to have to realize an enterprise, make the manpower resource strategy that suits plan, in order to achieve company strategy goal.

Traditional human affairs management always is in an enterprise the position of inferior layer, stay on exercise sex and the administrative levels that assist a gender merely, with short-term and oriented give priority to, regard manpower as cost at the same time, the investment that always tries to reduce manpower resource as the enterprise will reduce company cost. However, as the arrival of intellectual economy, the crucial essential factor of productivity is relied on increasingly mental, manpower already became an enterprise to get the decisive resource of competitive advantage. Accordingly, controller of company high level is when research company goal, strategy, need synchronism to ponder over future 5 years more and more, manpower configuration of 10 years, the development manpower resource, education and use the height that is put in the strategy, make the manpower resource of the enterprise becomes the core resource with real company.
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