Director of HR of situation, pressure charges it is which kinds
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HR director charges it is which kinds
In a few advanced institution of higher learning, the setting everywhere that HR director charges is visible. In the past, HR manager just studies the science of the respect, now, HR manager begins those who notice the relevant knowledge such as such as psychology to accumulate, because no matter be invite applications for a job, , employee relation, repulsive wait to work with what concern, concern with psychology. Besides, be in abroad, administrative psychology is popular already, our enterprise, be in especially China foreign enterprise the knowledge that all the more pays attention to this respect.

The situation is threatening

A celebrated HR director says: "HR manager should be mixed CFO(is presiding and financial official) together, those who become CEO is left arm sword arm. The strategy that HR manager must enlist a company is decision-making in come, provide the most important talent resource for business development at any time. Let an enterprise grow continuously, enhance gain ability ceaselessly " . And current the problem with many HR the most careladen managers, just was to be not become the strategy is companionate, cannot find oneself value; to mention the job strategic height, HR director worries him above sb's bend again. Then, charge, need with respect to what became HR manager to search an outlet one of roads of classics.

In recent years, the part of manpower resource branch produced major change. Above all it is logistics department door or cost center no longer, turn and become the strategic partner of section of the engine that the company grows, business. Next, draw outstanding talented person, beware of our company backbone by undermine the foundation the Chongzhongzhi that also is the job is heavy. Additional, the respect such as aid of mental health of relation of firewood reward system, employee, employee, also be current the crucial topic of the enterprise.

The E of HR is changed

Current, a lot of enterprises used information system, the E that common weighs HR is changed or E- HR. According to introducing, e-HR system can solve an enterprise the manpower resource problem of 80% , employee, manager can get online self-help type ground solves concerned welfare firewood fulfil, , study grooms wait for general affairs. Such not only the routine work that reduced HR branch, and managing employee spends the time in this respect, raised Anyidu.htm' Title='manyidu, employee satisfaction spends satisfaction of ' Target=_blank> employee. Also some of enterprise serves resource of his E-HR system and partner, professional manpower the systematic join of the company rises, developed new service space effectively.

But, again E is changed, employee also is vivid. E is changed do not be equal to " dissimilation " , contrary, how does HR manager do the work so that human nature changes, can make employee satisfactory, it is a big question.
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