The guiding principle that resource of labor power of civilian battalion company
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Reforming and opening 30 years, also be civilian battalion enterprise 30 years when achieve great progress. Civilian battalion economy is climbed to the contributive year after year of GDP litre. Civilian battalion economy becomes the main force that stimulative society productivity expands. But, in intellectual economy times, a priori that there is talent respect since the day that the civilian battalion company of our country is born oneself is insufficient, and the blemish of the because low-level administrative pattern is mixed,lags behind talent idea in developing a process and system, make civilian battalion enterprise was immersed in inefficient manpower resource to manage an error.

The daily routine of the enterprise is added gradually much, essential cannot of Chan Ping enterprise possessory will solve. Below the tie that lacks normative system, the management of the enterprise is in a kind of optional and inattentive condition, the efficiency of managemant decision and successful rate fall gradually. The development of the enterprise is pressing need builds contemporary company system, part the droit of the enterprise and right of administration gradually, of the enterprise possessory manage daily routine directly no longer, the manager that invites by partner however will undertake is in charge of directly to the integral operation of the enterprise. The management general affairs that this is about to seek a company comes according to transparent system surely the standard will carry out. The development scale as the enterprise is larger and larger, the demand to all sorts of type talented people also increases the business gradually, what manpower resource runs a system is diseased the bottleneck that has made company progress. Its incorporate is: The first: Depend on familial type to manage too much, the person with ability that lacks science introduces a mechanism; The 2nd: Lack effective incentive mechanism; The 3rd: Lack performance to assess mechanism and quick feedback medium of communication. Civilian battalion enterprise wants to walk out of manpower resource to manage an error, achieve greater progress, must follow the following principles:

One, cogent implement contemporary company system

Current, a lot of civilian battalion enterprises are eager to taking out a perfect, normative regulations, system, plan, think a priori that built company system to be able to cast off civilian battalion enterprise is insufficient, ensure the abidance of the enterprise develops. But this kind of system that flows at the form often stops on paper face, can fall to real point truly far from. Manpower resource system also breaks away from an enterprise subsequently actual and " become an organic whole oneself " , the person with ability is not little but utilization rate is lower however. When be like invite applications for a job " crave for greatness and success " , go after tall record of formal schooling, but once employee is entered, discover the person is wrong hillock, add lack to groom, before long with respect to lay aside and neglect. This kind striped-pants and the play of the formation that the system construction that ignores effectiveness manages a layer to the profession and its special skill is very adverse, the invite applications for a job that also gives staff, groom, examine bring very great difficulty, make manpower resource works to be begun hard.
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