Incentive core is contented feeling of the person
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American management learns a Beileiersen (Berelson) with Sitannier (Steiner) it is to incentive definition: "The condition that all hearts should strive for, hope, desire, motivation made the drive to the person. -- the status of a kind of heart that it is human activity " . In the administrative activity of the enterprise, incentive to employee purpose is to arouse the enthusiasm of the subjective activity that employee works and production, the creativity that stimulates an employee and executive force, improve the labor productivity of the company and work efficiency thereby.

Want to achieve incentive goal, the incentive mechanism that builds a business is the mainest management method. And incentive core is " contented feeling of the person " . Contented feeling of the person is invigorative with material the requirement of 2 respects.

The person's satisfaction feels, expression is the acquisition of demand of a kind of heart; And be in actual in the center, the demand of each individual heart is different. Some person lay particular stress on are obtained at what material rewards, and the acquisition that some people value honorary feeling and achievement feeling. To all these drive, must be to build be in true, the just assessment with science in the system. If evaluate a system,unscientific, inequity is mixed truthless, which the effect of this kind of result is negative, drive can become the harm to employee.

One, firewood fulfil drive is all enterprises the mainest to employee with common incentive method and method.

At present a lot of enterprises are allocating a system to go up very lag and unscientific, basically be right " distribution according to work " the be short ofing that performance evaluates a system is broken or lack fidelity. Major company evaluates system and assessment system without effect accomplishment, perhaps the system cannot be carried out or do not carry out. As a result of firewood reward system change to guide possibly directly the change to company labour cost, layer of most business management is not fond of to be planted then change and improve. From the point of total government technological process, firewood proposes a toast management belongs to a when resource of company labor power manages important segment, be in an enterprise especially the most rock-bottom employee, the prompt action that firewood proposes a toast can say to them is the greatest power of working enthusiasm origin, also be the greatest power that company work efficiency enhances.

1, float salary is made

Execute the float salary with performance link up with to make, build reasonable drive to restrain a mechanism at the same time. To exercise layer, can use the assessment that press a month, according to each employee (or team and group) circumstance of the index that finish, extend firewood proposes a toast. The float pay system of this kind of assessment that press a month, agree with only the employee of exercise layer undertakes assess and be assessmented. Do not agree with administrative layer, the performance that manages a layer evaluates a system to should be assessed by year. Be like current and popular yearly salary system, the firewood that manages a layer proposes a toast income and year assess index link up with.
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