Why does first-class staff always find new job?
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At present, HR people the greatest anguish and one of troubles, it is an enterprise the problem that outstanding talent finds new job often: Arrive from elite of business of a gleam of headquarters technology backbone, be in charge of financial audit commissioner from administrative human affairs, from Feng Jiang old official arrives chief inspector all awaiting people... find new job in the director it seems that and turn a storm. And, this wind acts more it seems that jump over intense, HR people irritated heart, BOSS people afraid also. What saying like a famous industry employer, "Why does outstanding talent always consider our company find new job? Why should go do not go, ought not to go went? ... "

Although find new job the duty field in now is very normal perhaps, but the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of outstanding talent must be caused however take seriously, and it is HR not just people. To this, we need to understand above all: Whether is the talent always outstanding? Who is just truly outstanding talent? Does outstanding talent want always really to find new job? What is the backside that they find new job often?

We see a very interesting company case contrast first:

S and F are to be the same as section chief three-cornered two well-known companies, get with what be respective fractionize industry army model enterprise, do poineering work at the same time almost, be together appear on the market company? ? But after 10 years, an asset dimensions is achieved 2 billion, one still is less than however 1 billion. Summing up respective when the gain and loss that 10 the year's harvest defeat, f thinks: Oneself are done not quite well, because the talent of the enterprise is too outstanding,be; And S thinks, oneself can be accomplished quickly 2 billion, the talent that main reason is an enterprise is not quite outstanding.

One reads the conclusion that does not understand it seems that: Not quite outstanding, succeeded so; Too outstanding, did not succeed so!

So, are S and F how look upon " outstanding " and " not outstanding " ?

The course investigates discovery, the talent of F arrives again to middle-level from basic level high level, almost the famous brand of all of one suit, not be to come from at short for Zhejiang Province the famous brand college such as big, Beijing University, come from namely at Coke Cola, Xi Menzi, beauty wait for famous brand enterprise, the professional knowledge of these talents and skill, be in an enterprise is top-ranking absolutely in located size industry. And the talent of S arrives again to middle-level from basic level high level, besides come from individually mix at renown school outside renown look forward to, the majority 2, 3 shed college graduate, again local born and bred perhaps " earth often risks type " talent, their professional knowledge and skill, be in an enterprise also is only in located size industry 2, 3 flow. This is S and F place probably limit and sum up " outstanding " .
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