Performance assesses medium favor to close with the organization
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The author finishs a business management to seek advice from the after service of the project to work recently, the main content of the service is this company (company of × of × of the following abbreviation) what performance examines a system is perfect. Come to what performance of × × company examines a system to carry out a circumstance to solve the past one year, the author visited administrator of above of the high level in × × company nearly 30. Assess what the system is in an enterprise to carry out a circumstance with respect to performance, author feeling is quite much, main experience is an enterprise each various personnel are carried out in performance assessment sorry human feelings closes in the process, the organization closes.

Project content reviews

Was started first half of the year 2006 and this management consults a project is finished, the working task with main field is being assessed in performance is × × company complete design of library of index of assessment of design of system of assessment of a post evaluation, performance, performance. The tool that post evaluation uses is 28 elements law, the tool that performance assessment uses is balance integral card and 360 degrees of assessment, assessing cycle is middle-level is an unit with season below, the high level is an unit with half an year. After management seeks advice from a project to end, each system of × × company passes duty generation to be able to be discussed through, performance assessment carried out 3 assessment season in × × company.

The main problem that discovers in pay a return visit

This pay a return visit, × × company assessed a system to raise a lot of questions with respect to performance, among them a lot of problems are generally in the enterprise.

1. "By what to judge me unqualified? " and " outstanding become less still had better "

To increase the enthusiasm that employee works, performance is made clear in assessment system in providing assessment result, outstanding, good, qualification is mixed enforce unqualifiedly distributinging scale. In pay a return visit, the administrator of × × company distributings compulsively to putting forward this generally system whether cancel. Ask about a reason, is there is the answer that represents an import to face what employee puts forward " by what to judge me unqualified? " problem, they give out to explain reasonably without method. When asking about deep-seated reason, they say is the evaluation does not have true basis, 2 it is employee the relationship is good, and the support of the working need employee of below, allocate compulsively unqualified (the performance bonus) of employee of will immediate impact, the job henceforth is bad to was begun. Have more very person, they are connected even outstanding cannot judge piece, employee can say, everybody's work is similar, if somebody is outstanding, so bad henceforth to finish the job, let outstanding go been do.
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