HR: What standard do you take to move firewood?
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Moving firewood is one of main jobs that manpower resource ministry must want every year to be faced with. Significant shift firewood is OK tarry is outstanding talent, improper tone firewood also can become accomplishment to differ the breeding ground of employee. If where,labour cost and firewood find a first-rate to balance between fulfil drive, it is the problem that manager of welfare of firewood respond with a poem cares most, the following 3 kinds of train of thought that move firewood can offer reference.

According to result of firewood fulfil survey overall tone firewood

Firewood proposes a toast investigation report can provide 3 clue that move firewood at least: The market moves firewood on average our company are scale, overall water of as overall as the market Fu Xin is compared smoothly, our company are specific of position and level of market Fu Xin quite. In last few years, in foreign capital company of China normal year moves firewood scale to maintain between 6%~8 % , and our company our company are overall, specific position and market the comparison of target company group inspects specific statistic to analyse and perhaps decide. The firewood fulfil survey that Yue of China letter benefit seeks advice from a company to offer finance, consumable, high-tech, semiconductor, chemical industry, content every year to spread the trade such as boat movement. The client proposes a toast pertinent information can get in the report from these firewood.

The main purpose that according to firewood fulfil survey result has moving firewood is the exterior fairness sex that holds firewood reward. Fulfil of some companies overall fuel and market have apparent difference than be opposite, need the firewood fulfil structure of new audit firm.

According to year performance is evaluated and market comparing moves firewood to the result

Although year moves firewood,those who value is future a year the latent capacity of employee and value, the promotive form expression of the outstanding achievement that goes one year is on year prize. But the value that the ability expression that we still can go one year according to employee will come to forecast this employee future one year. A few kinds of main scenes and firewood fulfil adjust strategy to be as follows:

Scene 1: It is A or B that individual performance evaluates a result (admirable) , and in individual firewood fulfil and market than be under 80 % , answer to adjust firewood fulfil level quickly, the talent may leave his post or be dug otherwise. In individual firewood fulfil and market than in 80%~100 % can consider to be in 2~3 is adjusted inside year to 95%~100 % .

Scene 2: Individual performance evaluates a result is A or B wait, in individual firewood fulfil and market than be in 100%~120 % , answer to move firewood according to individual ability slow down, outstanding to potential talent should assist its ability to so that promote to a high office,grow, perhaps enlarge working duty content, in order to enjoy taller the firewood fulfil level of one class.
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