Affection runs medium place in resource of company labor power
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The administrative system of contemporary company from go up at all the management that telling is a kind of mechanization, giving the feeling of employee to resemble is the vitreous lens that is hanged in doorway of the office, workshop, frosty, accordingly, one kind suits the main factor that the new-style management pattern of modern should bear with this one human nature changes feeling more.

If why be changed in the system,human nature is blended in to turn management in management

In the large company that reachs 10 thousand person in an employee, have a such typical example. The administrative layer of the company strive builds system of a value, a few months come they all the time cudgel one's brains for, but gains is very small, till a day an accidental episode makes they are able to consider an issue from another level.

This day, administrative layer gathers together to prepare to attend a meeting, but formal agenda has not gotten ready, begin chat to rise for goof, enquire a few such as each other " be what helps you establish viewpoint of value? Are you how to realize him apt some kind of value? " the problem of and so on. However the chat of to start with transforms gradually when the central topic for discussion that is the conference, a person mentioned the scene that he lives in grandfather home, that is crucial to his lifetime person. As conversational development, it is important to his that he begins to recall this paragraph of concern gradually, and talking to talking about him to be able to 't help bursting into tears.

In the most circumstance of the company, a senior official bursts into tears or showing the one side with fragile nature should not appear absolutely. Go up in that conference however, when this official begins to cry, someone else is in on the feeling however mentally and he more stood by. They begin memory to affect crucial person to oneself in his lifetime, and the person that experiences without this kind also realizes he missed the one side with the best human nature.

After this conference, about growing with human nature, how do viewpoint of value and individual character affect the issue that leads means and company action, company management layer undertook extensive discussion. Those people that take affection element seriously in grow also realize gradually, in business life they are in however feeling of the control that drive drive, because this is a kind of management standard.  

To this, gentleman of Daniel of vice-chairman of Bostonian advisory group thinks: When the lawful sex that denies affection to appear in working circumstance when an enterprise, or when strive allows the affection of specific type only, can appear two kinds of circumstances: It is a manager above all people the affection life make a thorough break they and oneself, more important is, the still incorporates the originality, plan that solves a problem and other person to be able to be offerred new perspective that they lose from now on. Another kind of probable condition is no matter how the situation is difficult, how to make a person depressed, manager people also do not allow oneself and employee to appear " inactive " idea. Although let employee be together,relieve one's feelings may create the situation that sends irremediable more, but also put in a kind of simple and effective method, that tells employee namely: "You are OK now and then look utterly wretched, but cannot such always. " accordingly, affection lives in yard place to be able to have lubricant effect.
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