The premise that the enterprise servantchooses a person for a job is to tell a p
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A lot of managers plaint, nobody can use crucial time; Also some bosses raised large quantities of one idler, price is not small however effects is very small. The surface looks, their problem is to won't servantchoose a person for a job, and because,real reason is more them not " tell a person " . Almost every controller knows, the talent is an enterprise is essential, it is the enterprise is promoted decline the key of success or failure. But the boss that knows choose and employ persons truly is little however little! Does the author of TatumLLC of advisory company of American finance and science and technology hold president talk squares formed by crossed lines concurrently? Taitemu (DougTatum) the new book in him " unmanned area " (NoMan ' SLand) middle finger goes out, in going 25 years, the newly established enterprise of 90% is in hold water 3 years inside closed down. And the civilian look forward to that Chinese enterprise has 60% goes bankrupt inside 5 years, 85% die inside 10 years, its mean life also is less than 3 years. The core reason that the company dies, have affinity with not to be pooh-poohed of choose and employ persons. And the prime cause of not to be pooh-poohed of choose and employ persons is opposite again uses person does not understand. Controller servantchooses a person for a job, its premise condition is " tell a person " . Want to tell a person, must understand the advantage that knows uses person, weakness, with grow or use short; Know the apiration of uses person, tune, do not be willing, be willing to return is willing; Know what person is usable in the company, what person is not usable; Know the company has what talented person, can use in what place; Know the company lacks what person with ability, need to be introduced from where.

Business of a lot of companies does badly, because use a fault,be person. For instance know the person that does planar design only, with go doing dress to design, do not do the business break ability to blame! But if company person with ability is in short supply, and do not be eager to succeeding, can try this kind of usage. But its premise condition is: Must know whether this person makes such change gladly really! If this person heart is not willing so do, and the company is compulsive its must such, criterion inevitable heart has this person unwilling, be slack in work, 10 have the thing 89 cannot succeed. Again for instance, the person that perfectness managing is used on the post of jockey, bring about a talent to waste necessarily, this person can seek an opportunity certainly performance is flat perhaps find new job person. Accordingly, controller wants the good qualities of method understanding talent, apiration, ground of be most willing to letting a person does the business that he is good at; And the leader should be good at developing a person with ability, promotion has the talent's capacity, arouse the thing that the talent goes to doing his willing, had done the business.
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