Resource of manpower of medium and small businesses runs a guide
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One, the manpower resource program of poineering initial stage

The enterprise should open business, does program respect need what to thing do in manpower resource? My referenced proposal is:

1, the manpower resource program of poineering initial stage, the level that basically should develop from business (include a few main fields such as technology, production, sale) , and enterprise whole operation will undertake reflection, the long-term development that joins a company at the same time will undertake planning.

2, does the enterprise need what to professional work begin? What orgnaization or department does need establish? What kind of qualified personnel does need provide? Such how many qualified personnel does need provide? Where is the origin of the talent of need? How can you just introduce such talent? How to let these talents you can set his mind at to work in the enterprise subsequent wave action? How much is the budget that the enterprise makes in talent field place? Is the amount of general staff, origin, job allocation what kind of? Is the system of firewood fulfil welfare of the enterprise what kind of? Wait a series of problems a moment, if do poineering work earlier it is clear that our bosses can ponder over these problems can ponder over these problems, the conscious preparation that has each side works, can " systematization " induce these problems handle together, I believe find the solution very easily.

3, the angle that plans from manpower resource, what needing to be mentioned again here is an enterprise the firewood that should build to be perfected quite proposes a toast assignment system is spent, namely interest allocation mechanism, this is a the basiccest game regulation, ask a person again regularly first; Of course, here has a premise, want to set what branch namely, set what post, dry what is the duty of this post, the person that bring needs to finish what main goal or job, these things had been made clear, talk about assignment system to spend the thing that is follow a rational line to do some work well again.

4, the fixed position problem of the business dimensions that a when respect of manpower resource program needs to consider main factor is an enterprise. Have here ahead of schedule beforehand appraise, to business productivity and sale foreground reasonable anticipating is more crucial, if beforehand appraise is broken accurate, or can create the waste of manpower resource, what or can create staff is in short supply.

5, locate about the strategy of the enterprise, from whole character, the program of resource of company labor power also gets his to affect for certain. Likelihood the element of many sided of be enslaved to be enslaved to, very the business that establishs much newlier leaves often plan without the strategy first; If have the strategy, manpower resource plans to affirm the one part that is enterprise whole strategy only, believe the professional that pursues strategic program can put forward to compare comprehensive analysis to report, do not do give uncecessary details here.
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