The successful law of HR management
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1, the friend that does stuff above all, the boss of redo employee
The person is social animal, and the orgnaization that the company is a society. The friend of most person concerns even if build in the job. If you are in old job, the friend that is close friends even also was not given in, is their boss only, can say you only so special failure. In today's enterprise, employee people concern through building interdependent human relation, friend with his colleague and win main sensation compensation.

The quality of employee correlation and deepness stay to often produce conclusive effect to theirs. This one problem still involves the mutual trust of employee. If the employee of a branch each other are faithful, once encounter pressure and challenge,they believe firmly, work in the same placing can be aided willingly.

There was best friend in the job, undertake effectively communication communicating, share failure and pleasure together, face difficulty and opportunity together. Compare with the employee photograph that there is best friend in the job, the actuating pressure that the stuff place that has best friend feels is lesser, and should be opposite correctly more pressure, gain a success more easily also.

2, make employee clear you expect to his job and ask

Expectation and requirement are the motivation that employee promotes oneself to progress ceaselessly and fountainhead. In working unit, the way that employee knows to the company asks to advance as was being made clear to his and target are same, can advance toward this direction through continual effort. If the demand is not clear, employee can think many times, self-confidence of indecisive, lack and direction-sense.

Outstanding manager tells us, how does he raise a requirement. He can tell the job that employee must want to achieve what the target is above all, make every employee respective decide to reach the way of the target next, discuss since final another and finish the method with best target certainly. This kind of practice solved the difficult problem of the manager already, let employee suit his most through discovery again " shortcut " and obtain progress. It admits adequately and cherish every employee what go up in style and rhythm is different, make employee sufficient produce respective advantage, still encourage employee to be in charge of to the job at the same time. Outstanding manager hopes every employee feels the pressure that gains success, limit a target to make employee feels pressure already, feel successful again feeling, try hard to achieve clear goal thereby.

3, let employee do them most the thing that is good at doing

A person uses its director ability to realize his value adequately only, the employee of the enterprise also is such. When the good qualities of an employee cannot get play, he may be very ordinary very commonplace even, when the inherent dominant position that becomes him conversely and his working look be identical, he is likely outstanding very outstanding. Know stuff and can let them do most adept thing, the likelihood is current company and manager people the most serious challenge that face.
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